Physical Therapy and Wellness

Comprised of licensed physical therapists, this group offers personalized rehabilitation plans to improve mobility, strength, and overall well-being. Their focus is on restoring function and maximizing independence through therapeutic exercises and techniques.

  • Occupational Therapy Service
    Physical Therapy and Wellness

    Occupational Therapy

    • Occupational therapy is appropriate for people of all ages who face challenges in performing daily activities independently due to physical, cognitive, emotional, or developmental limitations.
    • Whether you are a child with developmental delays seeking to improve sensory integration and fine motor skills or an older adult looking to maintain your independence as you age, occupational therapy can provide valuable support to enhance your functional abilities and overall quality of life.
  • Weight Management and Nutrition Support
    Physical Therapy and Wellness

    Weight Management and Nutrition Support

    • This service is appropriate for individuals seeking personalized guidance for weight management and nutrition.
    • It caters to patients who want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments.
    • Our nutrition experts conduct assessments and create customized meal plans, taking into account individual dietary needs and weight loss goals.
    • The program aims to empower individuals to make healthy choices and improve overall health through proper nutrition.
  • Physiotherapy Service
    Physical Therapy and Wellness


    • Physiotherapy is appropriate for people with various physical limitations, injuries, or health conditions that affect their mobility and physical well-being.
    • Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or facing mobility challenges due to a medical condition (such as stroke or multiple sclerosis), physiotherapy can be a valuable service to improve your quality of life, regain function, and restore your physical capabilities.


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